Key issues

Moving on but not giving up on public libraries…

I’ve decided to give up collating daily library posts.

It takes up a considerable amount of my time and I really don’t have the time to commit to this any more.

This doesn’t mean though, that I’ve given up on libraries.  The news is ever more depressing as central government and local authorities seem hell-bent on tearing apart what was once a great public library service.

The Libraries Taskforce has done little to protect public libraries and continues to exclude the voice of library campaigners, library users, library workers and the unions.

Speak Up for Libraries lays dormant at a time when it is needed more than ever.

I’ll still be working with other library campaigners, keeping up to date with the situation.

I’ll still continue to keep active the email list, entrusted to me by Desmond Clark, to circulate links to key news items relating to public libraries.

I’m still happy to post occasional articles, as they arise, such as following the situation unfolding in Devon.

I’ll still be on Twitter at @ElizCro.  I’ll still be tweeting libraries.

And I’d recommend you follow other library campaigners such as @wylie_alan, @ShirleyBurnham and @librareon.


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