UK library news

UK libraries in the news | 8 Jul 2018

Library campaigning,

Positive and negative narratives around public libraries explored by Leon Bolton,

Pembrokeshire’s Nyland Library will go as new hub created, 

Save Highbridge Library group form committee of ‘different minded people’ with different views on how to save the library.  Town council still considering whether to contribute,

New library for Bracknell & self-service…


The Guardian: 4 July
How can we protect our libraries from closure when the council ignores us?
There is no machinery to oblige them to be democratic



Leon’s Library Blog: 8 July
Striking the right balance



Tenby Observer: 8 July
Pembrokeshire | Neyland library to be declared surplus to requirements




Weston Mercury: 7 July
Somerset | Public urged to work together to save library
The Save Highbridge Library group has formed a committee of ‘different minded people’ after some members have voiced contrasting views on the facility’s future. Proposals include purchasing two mobile libraries, merging with the Post Office or using the building as an outreach centre. Highbridge town Council yet to decide whether or not to support the library financially.



Live Berkshire: 6 July
Bracknell Forest | Hundreds of thousands to be spent on new library
More than £750K will be spent on a new library in Bracknell after savings are made from other libraries in the area. Self-service technology being installed in libraries.

Currently, over 100 volunteers run Bracknell’s libraries, dedicating between 850 and 1000 volunteer hours per month.






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