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Initial CIPFA data analysis by Tim Coates – December 2017

The following analysis of CIPFA data is shared with permission of Tim Coates, who described the situation as ‘catastrophic’.


Download a copy of Tim Coates’ presentation here: Public libraries GB 2016-17 TC report

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4 thoughts on “Initial CIPFA data analysis by Tim Coates – December 2017

  1. Thank goodness this has been done by Tim to draw attention to this massive failure in the public service.
    In Lewisham we have seen the same D-cline in the Library and Information service. In July 2017 the Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee, you really could not make this up, reported (page 3, para 6 The Lewisham Approach) 6.1 “The Library and Information Service in Lewisham has no equal nationally. These are the concepts and practices that make us unique.” Read on ye mighty, and despair.
    By March 2017, excluding the Manor House at the time, Lewisham’s libraries were open 609 hours per week. Of these 295 and a half were volunteer hours. A further 76 were not staffed by library staff hours. Total non-professionally trained supervised library hours were 371 and a half hours.
    We had 3 hub libraries, the rest were community libraries and the Manor House was neither. Don’t even mention the stock “quality.”
    The results in Lewisham’s library policy since 2010 can be seen in the issue figures collapse.


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