UK library news

Libraries in the news | 25 July 2017

Today’s new includes,

Huge cuts to library staff in Suffolk on the cards…

Kensington library plan put on hold following the Grenfell tragedy…

The costs of Lambeth’s bookish gym plans spiral out of control,

A retired librarian makes some astonishing statements,

And a Tory MP shows quite how out of touch he is in regard to libraries….




ITV News: 24 July
Kensington Council library plan on hold after Grenfell
includes video


Stoke Sentinel: 25 July
Old Trentham Library set to be demolished to make way for homes
The old library, closed in 2014, to be demolished to make way for housing.

A book loan scheme runs out of conservatory at a medical centre at present. A purpose-built library is to be erected on school premises, which will be open to students and the public. The school will run the library, with the council funding the building works.

Concerns raised about the plans…


Shields Gazette: 25 July
South Tyneside | Residents petition over fears Whitburn Library could close


Huffington Post: 25 July
Tory MP James Cleverly Criticises Party’s ‘Lazy’, ‘Hopeless’ And ‘Bitter’ General Election Campaign
‘The backbencher … said the “massive bun fights” over the closure of libraries across the country was pointless as he had been told it was “cheaper to buy a Kindle to give it to every kid in the borough than keep the libraries open”.

“We didn’t get agitated over the closure of blacksmiths when people stopped riding horses and started driving cars,” he said.

“People consume media in a completely different way,” he said. “We have these understandable, but slightly out to time, attachments.”


Sheffield Star: 25 July
‘Sheffield libraries are moving with the times now, thank goodness’
Retired librarian shares her views. 

These include that the internet has diminished the role of reference libraries.

She’s glad libraries are run by volunteers, although admits, “it’s a crying shame that all that experience, knowledge and help has been lost.”

And, “When I see plans for a café bar in a library I cheer.” 


Broken Barnet: 25 July
It makes us want to shout: Barnet’s children, locked out of their own libraries, lobby the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport


East Anglian Daily Times
More than 50 jobs could go at Suffolk libraries due to budget cuts


Brixton Buzz: 25 July
Lambeth Council refuses to listen to Carnegie Library concerns as basement cost doubles to over £1m


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