UK library news

Libraries in the news | 20 July 2017

Library run by Carillion

Includes details of the Library Taskforce’s dataset, 

ACE report on libraries and older people,

GLL to run Bromley libraries,

Carillion will no longer run libraries for Hounslow,

falling visitor numbers in Surrey,

the fight for Highgate library in Haringey,

Bradford, Somerset & Bath pushing for volunteers to take on the running of libraries

And a new mobile library service launched in Wales

Libraries Taskforce blog: 20 July
A core dataset for libraries
The full dataset has not been released. Work on defining the dataset has been undertaken, although not yet completed.

BBC News: 20 July
Somerset County Council considers cuts to libraries budget
In 2011, the council was forced to shelve its plans to withdraw funding to 11 libraries after a judicial review.

Now the authority is considering whether to hand over the running of the service to local groups.


Bromley Times: 20 July
Bromley council award contract to manage libraries to Greenwich Leisure Limited

Surrey Mirror: 20 July
Why have visits to Surrey libraries fallen by almost 200,000 in the last year? 20 July
Hounslow Libraries Return to Council’s Control
Carillion’s contract ends at the end of July

Ham & High Express: 20 July
Highgate Library campaigners take on Haringey Council in packed public meeting

South Wales Guardian: 20 July
New mobile library fleet is launched in Carmarthenshire 20 July
Somerset County Council unveils £18mill cutbacks
inc. three-year plan to manage budget reduction for libraries


The Bookseller: 19 July
ACE report shows libraries help older people

Ilkley Gazette: 19 July
Bradford | Surprise as library is still closed
Menston Library is yet to reopen after Bradford Council pulled out its paid staff to save cash as so few volunteers have come forward.
The library is among 13 across the district that Bradford Council had hoped to turn into ‘community managed’ facilities from April this year to save money.


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